Emily Aguilar



Teju Owoye: Founder and Entrepreneur @ Sulte Group
Emily is an incredible creative visionary. She has mastered the art of visually telling compelling stories. She has stellar work ethic and disciplined focus. A true student of her craft, she expertly manages all aspects of production, including storyboarding, shooting, and editing. Emily is my go-to when I need expert advise on my video projects –– she was instrumental at helping me launch and produce my first video series. She is a talented director and all around amazing person to work with!

Seanie Blue: Founder and Content Creator @ Wonder 101 

Emily can lead and listen at the same time. I've watched her keep productions running smoothly by sensing just when somebody needs an encouraging chat or a firm bit of direction. She reads people immediately and continuously, and is able to keep enthusiasm levels high throughout a project, no matter how complicated or rushed it might become. Part of this is due to her ability to radiate calm and to listen attentively, but mostly it is her ability to recognize the psychological tides on set or on location. This ability to "sense" a production's efficiency or energy is a unique gift, and she uses it brilliantly.

Angela Sum: Fashion Designer @ asum

Emily directed, filmed, produced, edited my Kickstarter video project for my brand "asum" with great passion, professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm. I hired her over many older, more experienced film producers because I sensed that she would give her whole heart to producing a great video, not just satisfy to get hired/paid. And my instincts were correct. She put great thought and detail through out the project from conception, to video shooting, to production and editing. The quality of work matched the high quality of asum's brand, photos and workmanship. With her help, Emily's video helped put my brand on the map, reaching customers around the world. 

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